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Hello i am interested in coming along with my partner Ray. I am a medium as well as a Druid and Ray is a healer, would we be able to work there please.

Hi Kim. You are very welcome and its informal. Everyone who comes is encouraged to contribute. We do have a druid as our “spirituality stream leader” this year – Frank Summers. I would put you in contact with him. If you come we could find you some spaces BUT importantly you must not take money from anyone. No one gets paid here and (apart from the caterers) buying and selling is banned. And you have to pay to come of course.

Hi, could you let me know what food will be on sale during the weekend? Do most people just cook in their tents or can you buy meals?

Both. Many people bring some food, but there are also various options on-site. All our catering is veggie and there are both vegan and glutton-free alternatives available. The marvelous Ali and his staff of Beech Cafe do meals all day. In the evening a BarBQ as well as standard cafe fair. There is an on-site veggie pizza maker. We have a call off service with a local Indian restaurant. There are cold and cooked breakfast options and on Saturday only we have a special “afternoon tea” feature.

Double Karma says:

Should try and get Uk Uncut , Green Black Cross (legal ppl) & maybe ppl from the disabled comminty, like DPAC Maybe also some poet guys from Occupy London, particularily Venus & policeman poet guy (FYI – is just a police hat prop, thats all)

tim says:

Venus seems to be a very popular target – can anyone tell me how to contact her? The poetry stream is run by Audi Maserati, but I will see what I can do.

tim says:

We can now confirm that Jenny Jones (GP candidate London Mayor), Natalie Bennett (GP Leader candidate and chair of GP Women’s Group) and Caroline Allen (GP Policy committee) are speaking at LGG. We are awaiting confirmation from Plaid’s Leanne Wood and from Melanie Strickland of the Occupy Law Group.

Chris says:

Is there going to be anything more interestting the GP speakers? How about Matt Sands on cancer cure. What about raw food veganism zeigest thrive ,we need answers to the future problems.These answers could be freightening to some but a must. Ill even give a talk if you want.. Have you advertised that veggiepower is powering the cinema?

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