Crash Space

crash space

This year we are using two wooden floored yurts as our crash spaces. The yurts are new on site this year and very comfortable. One of these is a women’s only crash. If the crash space fills up we will supplement it with tents. So if you don’t want to bring a tent, this may be the best option for you. Just bring a sleeping bag or something to keep you warm at night.


kim allensby says:

Hello i am a medium and healer and i would like to work there with you all if thats possable. Would you mind getting back to me please?

tim says:

You are very welcome to attend and provide a healing session, but be you have to book a ticket (like the rest of us – even the man who builds the stage pays to come) and we do not allow people to sell (other than beer and catering) or charge for services or workshops at LGG. If having passed these hurdles you are still with us, do give me a call to discuss. Make it soon though as we are preparing the final programme now.

Jacqui Lovell says:

There seems to be a lack of female speakers what is the reason for this?

That’s true, its not for want of invites. We still have space for more speakers.

Josie says:

Females I would like to see at the little green gathering...

A poet from Occupy London. Venus CuMara, who wrote an amazing poem called Occupy Your Heart, Reclaim Love.

I notice you have an NHS Campaigner Wendy Savage….you might also be interested in Sue Marsh, blogger of Diary of a Benefit Scrounger….co-ordinator of the Spartacus Report and taking on the Welfare Reform Bill. She has recently spoken at NetRoots activism conference.

UkUncut (activism group against austerity) has lots of articulate females who frequently give interviews to the press and can talk on a wide range of issues.

tim says:

We are much better balanced now, but I would love to have Venus or Sue or someone from UKuncut. Especially if they can make it without expenses as we are very short of cash. Remember most performers and speakers pay to attend LGG. But we dont turn anyone away who can’t afford to come.

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