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8 August, Booking has now closed

If you have booked, we looked forward to seeing you. If you haven’t please do not turn up as we are full. Thank you

LATEST NEWS – Green Party Leadership hustings to be held on Sunday.

PROGRAMME – updated to latest version

6/8/12 – see Tab top right.

What’s included?

Camping or accommodation, all events and entertainments including workshops, crafts, games, music and discussions

Who’s coming?

Greenminded people and families from across the UK. So lots of people you know or might like to know. Lots of interesting visiting speakers and performers as well as our “residents”.

What’s it like?

The venue is a haven of quiet set in woodland on a gentle chalk slope. There’s lots of space to just hang about in and a huge number of things to do. Last year we included more than 100 separate events on the programme.

Theatre Stream comes together

Just had a heads up from Breakfast Cat Theatre about their plans for Little Green Gathering.

Things to do at The Little Green Gathering

Great Britain is full of possibilities to spend your vacation or weekend in an interesting and new way, to experience new things and enjoy everything life has to offer. With that in mind you can go there and plan an incredible week just for yourself or with your friends or family. Or you can just go without planning anything and see what you will be able to get and enjoy. Keep in mind that the north is for nature lovers and those who love horseback riding, other outdoor activities and hunting and that the south is more intense with interesting cities and warmer days during summer.

While we are speaking of summer, let's get to the real event you should visit in Britain in case you go there in August. The Little Green Gathering festival is a festival like no other, they have a special view on nature and everything, music is great and people are even better, it really is something everyone who loves nature should experience.

The Little Green Gathering is a three day festival that brings people from all around the world together, but don't be afraid that it will be overcrowded, they have a certain number of tickets and they don't allow more people to come than there is place for. If you can't find anyone but still want to go there, feel free to go with an escort found on You can even go there with your camp bus or bring your own tent and in case you have a dog, don't be afraid, you can bring it with you, but the dog needs a ticket also and be fast, because they are sold out pretty fast every year.

How green is it?

It is not a music festival, it is a festival of nature and people, they have DJs and musicians, but also magicians and mystics. You can learn new crafts there, explore permaculture, and even enjoy campaign or healing. It sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it, and you can now realize why it is a nature and people festival. Beside all these, you can also enjoy other outdoor activities, like sports - biking, running, tennis, football and many others or just go and explore the nature with your group.

They even have an open cinema there, where you can, at night, get cozy with your friends or family and watch some entertaining movies or shows. But the best thing about the Little Green Gathering is that it is totally natural, like solar energy, vegetarian food, no bad stuff and things like that. They are pretty green and try to leave nature as they found it and to live in harmony with it. The people you will meet there are also in some way special, they all know the importance and role nature plays in our lives and what we can do in order to preserve it and make the world a better place for all of us. You will for sure have a great time in case you go there, experience some interesting outdoor activities, meet incredible new people and have quite a few interesting talks with them.

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